1.I live in Central Virginia.  Isn’t there anywhere local that I can buy Sazon Mas Guapo?

Sazon Mas Guapo is available to purchase from Beer Run, Foods of All Nations, and Whole Foods in Charlottesville, and Ellwood Thompson's,  in Richmond.  We have heard that there might be a certain fancy chocolate shop in C-Ville and Richmond that is selling the stuff under the counter, but we can't vouch for those guys.

2. A friend told me that Mas Guapo mustaches were made from kitten pelts. I find that very offensive.  Is it true?

No way! That outrageous rumor has been floating around for years! All Mas G mustaches are machine-crafted from only the very finest Asian petrochemicals.

3. I hate my neighbor. He thinks he is sooo that.  Is there any way Sazon Mas Guapo can help me take him down?

Absolutely!  Sazon Mas Guapo’s unique blend of organic herbs and spices will make you the hero of the neighborhood BBQ, completely emasculating your offending neighbor by comparison.  He will be pitied by all who look down upon him and you will laugh and laugh and laugh....  Also, you could throw some Sazon Mas Guapo in his eyes and that should smart pretty good, too.

4. I am a girl.  Is Sazon Mas Guapo NOT for me?

Au contraire! Mas Guapo is "Right-On" for all the ladies, too! Moms, cheerleaders, stewardesses, and nurses alike have all found that the zesty deliciousness of Sazon Mas Guapo makes them more appealing in the kitchen.  Enjoy the complimentary mustache in creative new ways!.

5. I am a lactose, soy, MSG, and peanut-intolerant vegan with gluten issues.  Is Sazon Mas Guapo safe for me to use?

Sazon Mas Guapo is MSG, gluten, lactose, soy, and peanut free, and thus the perfect seasoning for all of your variouslefty home-school picnics, music festival parking lot stir-fries, and drum circles.  It’s even better on spareribs, but... whatever.

6. Is Mas Guapo Hot?

No.  Sazon Mas Guapo’s zesty blend of organic herbs and spices was calibrated to deliver maximum flavor and zip, yet still be appropriate for use with children, the elderly, and Norwegians.