Mas Guapo Mustaches Under Fire


Washington, D.C.- The D.C.-based watchdog group Center for Health Interests and Public Safety (CHIPS) has turned its attention away from “Kid’s Meal” toys for now and has taken aim at the complimentary artificial mustaches included with packages of Sazon Mas Guapo.

The organization has demanded that Mas Guapo Foods stop offering mustaches with its proprietary Spice Blend, calling the practice "predatory," and last Thursday put spice giant on notice to comply or face legal action.  The CHIPS contends that the coercive marketing of Sazon Mas Guapo makes tots pester their parents to buy them seasonings that are full of “Zestiliciousness” and may cause excessive handsomeness.  The owners, or “Patrons de Mas Guapo”, could not be reached for comment, but in a press release called the action “Nanny-State politics at its worst” and that “[the CHIPS] could suck it”.