S&P upgrades Mas Guapo Foods on reports of successful Beef Jerky field trials

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For immediate release – August 16, 2011 

                          New York, New York – Standard and Poor’s gave a rare upgrade this morning to spice giant Mas Guapo Foods  (NYSE: ZSTY) on the promise of a new revenue channel for its signature product, Sazon Mas Guapo.  The agency issued its highest rating, the elusive AAAAAA++ or 6-A, to the US-based company based on  a report that a man in Waynesboro, Va. has successfully used the organic spice blend on Beef Jerky, the most beloved of all the dried meats.  The "Jerky Memo" further highlights great “thinking outside of the box” and  “really taking the bull by the horns”.           

T. Blaine Irving, a senior analyst at Franklin and Brothers says “While it is unusual for S & P to issue an upgrade in this current economic environment, we all feel real strong about this one.”  Shares in Mas Guapo Foods (ZSTY) jumped 23% in early day trading and shows no sign of letting up.  “ This represents a paradigm shift in the spice-trading sector.  I think savvy investors are finally looking past the Saigon Cinnamon bubble of 06’.  Everyone was so into Pho then, it all seemed so easy! We were all left holding the bag on that one. ” 

On a conference call with Dr. Samuel Nutterbaum, CFO of Mas Guapo Foods this morning, the news was well received.  “This is really a reaffirmation for all of us at Mas Guapo.  We have always felt like a 6-A company, if not higher...like maybe 7-A if that even exists, I am not sure. “  Nutterbaum continues,  “but, what I do know is Sazon Mas Guapo has real power, not just financial power but seasoning power.  These Beef Jerky revelations are great, but not too surprising to us.  We are doing things here at our labs that other spice companies can’t even comprehend. We just simply don’t yet know the boundaries of this product.”  When asked if the greater economy was heading into a bear or bull market cycle, Nutterbaum explained,  “ Bear or bull?  Look, I have no idea. Chicken or pork!  That is all I care about.  Oh, and beef…which is basically a bull.  So bull, I guess.  But, I really don’t have a clue.  I’m a little drunk."