Fan Mail

Dear Mas Guapo-

I really like the spices but what the heck is Zestilicious?


Al G.

Dear Al-

Thank you for your note.  You are not alone.  “Zestiliciousness” is a difficult concept, best understood as a quantum state of enjoyment ofSazon Mas Guapo. It is in fact both ZestyandDelicious. You may ask, how can it be both at the same time when at any given point it seems to taste either ZestyorDelicious? Well, let’s explore some of the underlying quantum mechanics to help elucidate. 


I’ll describe this paradox in terms of the classic “Schroedingers Cat” thought experiment. Imagine if youSchroedinger's Cat-Old School would, that an experimental subject is locked inside of a sealed room, or “lock-box”, with a plate of ZestiliciousMas GuapoRibs. Imagine further that an invasive cranial sensor connects the subject’s brain to a device that contains a vial of poisonous Cyanide gas and a hammer assembly that can break the vial, thus releasing the gas into the lock-box. Our imaginary sensor detects whether or not the ribs taste “Zesty” or “Delicious” to our subject at any single point in time. If they are found to be “Delicious” then the detector sends a signal to the device, dropping the hammer, and releasing the poisonous gas painfully killing our subject. If “Zesty”, then the subject is able to continue enjoying his or her ribs unharmed. Now, from the perspective of the observer outside of the lock-box, the diner is both dead and alive, as the quantum states of Zestiliciousness both exist at the same time. The principle of quantum superposition allows that only when we enter the lock-box, would the state be observed as one or the other, therefore finding a diner dead or alive.  Otherwise, the ribs are indeed Zestilicious and our subject is both alive and dead in parallel universes.

I hope that this clears things up and please enjoy the spices!


Sazon Mas Guapo